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The second is to stop counting on Hadi and his ineffective government, which does not enjoy broad support in Yemen, and find a new force that can defeat the Houthis and the Islamists and unite Yemen. Finally, the third option is controlled chaos, that is, the continuation of the war against Ansar Allah while at the same time ensuring that the instability is contained to Yemen.

From until now, the coalition has been pursuing the third course, that of controlled chaos. As we have shown above, a compromise with Ansar Allah is the most apparent solution. In this case, further developments of the situation in Yemen will depend primarily on whether the dialogue between the Houthis and Saudi Arabia is productive. The Houthis have long been trying to get Riyadh to enter into direct talks with them, and they have been pressuring Saudi Arabia into doing so by regularly attacking cities and infrastructure facilities in the country.

Riyadh, however, is standing its ground and is not going agree to anything except the actual surrender of its opponents, which it believes to be puppets of Iran. If the Saudi leadership, as a matter of principle, decides to continue armed hostilities, then it may follow the course of forming another government to replace that of Hadi. However, it will then run into inevitable difficulties finding alternative leaders and ensuring their international recognition. This process will take a lot of time, which means that the war will go on.

The Yemen crisis is entering a new phase. The latter appears to be in the best interests of the Yemeni people, as it offers hope for a relatively quick settlement of the conflict and the preservation of a unified state. If Riyadh agrees to a constructive dialogue with the STC and Houthis, then federalization may have a chance. Thus far, however, the Saudi leadership has taken a tough stance and refuses to make significant concessions to either the Houthis in Ansar Allah or the southerners represented by the STC.

If the current trend persists, the civil war should be expected to continue on several fronts at once, and Yemen will likely collapse slowly. From our partner RIAC. On July 14, led by the U. This was :. On May 8, the U. When the U. The U. This statement is a reversal of BFG, and overall European policies that have been seeking to keep the framework in place. Saudi Aramco is back to producing close to pre-attack levels of 9. The European triumvirate said they call on:. This significant shift in policy echoes U. European purchases of Iranian crude were a main source of hard currency for the Iranian government and its affected citizenry.


Iran has additional consternation knowing Europe has bought into the U. Iran could be pressured into talks with the U. Iran could be banking on a new U. President after the Presidential elections. Interrupted, Middle Eastern oil supplies to the U. What Europe is doing by joining American hardliners who support tougher Iranian sanctions is signaling a move back to the U.

Europe may face the same scorn the American administration did when it withdrew from Iran, and the world community over the nuclear deal.

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  2. Iran-US Tensions Are Unlikely to Spill into War!
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BFG now want the unaddressed flaws of the first Iran nuclear deal to be addressed, and the geopolitical moves the Iranians make could determine the outcome of the Middle East for decades ahead. The Suez Canal, since its establishment in , has remained to be an important artery for world trade crisscrossing from the East and West.

It has great impact on the global economy considering that it provides waterway for transporting petroleum commodities from the producers to the consumer states. According to some pundits, it is the strategic opening to the Middle East provided by the canal that has allowed for great powers to instigate rivalry and conflict in the region. There was also a national security objective for Egypt, whereby it aimed to transform itself into a world centre of logistics and industry to act as a catalyst for economic development for the country. The challenges Egypt faced in the political realm arising from domestic, regional and global downturns have hindered it from obtaining the desired benefits.

In spite of expansion and deepening attempts, most giant ships cannot go through the canal and are forced to turn around the Cape of Good Hope. The present Suez Canal is not optimally exploited despite its economic importance as there are no adjunct port services, logistics and industrial centres, ship maintenance and repair workshops, storage facilities and transit trade, unlike in other states of the region, such as the Port of Jabel Ali project in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

Therefore, it cannot not cope with such challenges except through its contribution to providing attractive privileges for global trade transit. The new channel was opened in amid doubts about the feasibility of the project in light of the uneasy global economy and instability in the Middle East. It is reported that 70, ships with record 4. New development projects and up gradation of the canal have helped improve the performance and earn greater revenues in the short period of time.

The importance of the new channel is likely to pave way for building other mega-level projects including the tunnels that connect the three canal cities, notably Suez, Ismailia and Port Said, as well as the Sinai Peninsula. The tunnels, two of which were built under the canal, will facilitate the development of the Suez Canal Corridor Area Project , which was launched in August and aims to increase the role of the Suez Canal, in the regions international trading. Traditionally, the only revenue from the Suez Canal has come from transit fees.

A total of 70, ships, transporting 4. The canal last year also recorded the highest number of vessel crossings in one single day, 81 vessels with 6. The ship was It is no surprise therefore that her daughter Molly Rogers is never going to stand for anyone who threatens to invade the islands or destroy their inhabitants. When reports come of Captain Firebird doing damage to Monkey Skull Island, Molly Rogers enlists all of her best animal and bird friends — including Kracken the octopus — to chase down Captain Firebird and to make sure he never does anything so dastardly again.

But she is often short of time! How can she crack the problem of bedtime interrupting some of her very best inventions? According to her science teacher the only way is to travel west always keeping ahead of the darkness. Undaunted by this huge challenge, Mariella sets off…. Her adventures are a super science story full of invention from the bestselling creator of Artemis Fowl. When Grandma arrives to visit Anna and Kasper she brings in her handbag a very unusual travelling companion: the ghost of Grandpa Bert. And with Grandpa Bert comes danger. The Ghost Snatchers are out to get him and Grandma and Anna and Kasper have to their wits about them to stay one step ahead of the two dastardly crooks.

Fun to read and attractively illustrated. More spy caper than ghost story this is a fun adventure for young readers, and one that puts grandparents nicely in the driving seat of the action too.

Books for Interest age 5+

Short chapters and lots of colour illustrations help make this super-readable, and everyone will want to know what happens at the end. Splish, splash, splosh — get yourself a copy. Michael Morpurgo brings the sights, sounds and smells of a hot summer in the English countryside vividly to life. This book points out just how wrong they are, countering each anti-book statement page by page in lively, funny text and illustrations. A book to read, and a book to share. Mairi Kidd told The Bookseller. Barrington Stoke worked with the authors and illustrators to ensure that the books are suitable for dyslexic readers and thereby helping more families grow a love of reading.

On the Picture Squirrels She prefers toads of action, like the muscly Larry Lake. Illustrations by Victor Ambrus put the finishing touches to a little gem. High quality cream paper and a special easy to read font ensure a smooth read for all.

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About the Little Gems series: Little Gems are in a gorgeous new chunky format, with high-spec production including coloured endpapers and jacketed flaps with activities. Additional features include high quality cream paper, Barrington Stoke font and illustrations on every page. They are perfect for 's. These quality stories promote good reading practice for all newly independent readers. Interest Age No-one knows better than Julia Donaldson how to tell a story for young readers. There are three fairy tales in this appealing collection, each told simply but with a bounce and narrative brio that will keep the pages turning and readers eager to know what happens next.

Colour illustrations by Peter Bailey catch all the atmosphere as well as the action and add to the charm. This bright lively collection is a perfect book for children just reading on their own and ready to build up reading stamina. Elmo and his sister want to move to the run down house with the overgrown garden. Instead, their parents choose to buy the house next door.

The 100 best children's books

Luckily, Elmo and his sister can still play in the jungle as the house remains empty. But, when new owner arrives, it looks as if their fun will be over It's beautifully packaged and illustrated by the wonderful Hannah Shaw. Mrs Button runs a shop — the nicest thing about it, she says, is the people — Mr Button runs the post office. The story is set in the days before text messages, emails, the internet and if you want to send a message urgently, a telegram is the way to do it.

Young Billy Button longs to be a telegram boy, delivering those important messages on a shiny red bicycle. He gets to do it too, breaking a few Royal Mail rules but ensuring two people get to live happily ever after in the process. Jeremy Strong knows exactly what will make young readers laugh: eccentric characters; zany plots; plenty of slapstick. Alfie Poppleton is a very sensible young man, in marked contrast to his parents, school teachers, town police force and Mayor, who are some of the silliest people ever to grace the pages of a book.

With short sentences, lots of repetition, and jolly colour illustrations by Jamie Smith, this is just right for newly independent readers. Interest Age When a tiny dragon escapes from the pages of the story he has been reading, Patrick can hardly believe his eyes. But when a White Knight on a charger follows, Patrick soon finds himself playing a very big part in the story! One of our Dyslexia Friendly Books of the Year - Interest Age When a tiny dragon escapes from the pages of the story he has been reading, Patrick can hardly believe his eyes.

Interest Age Everyone knows that footballers are super-superstitious and when things suddenly start going wrong for the Saints, they decide their team is under a curse. The question is, what can they do to lift it? The action flows, both on the pitch and in the dressing room, and the story feels as real and authentic as a pair of muddy football boots.

A winner! So when they notice a sad boy in the audience and find out his granny has gone missing, they set about finding her, using some of their circus skills in the process. The toads provide the backdrop to a thoroughly enjoyable tale of friendship, inter-school horticultural rivalry and the fall and rise of an umbrella emporium. Patrice Lawrence makes sure the storylines leap along nicely and her central characters Leo and Rosa feel like old friends even by chapter two. A fun, original adventure that will keep everyone hoppy. July Book of the Month A Julia Eccleshare Pick of the Month July A beautifully told, deeply moving story about how a boy finds a special way of remembering his soldier father.

When the council decide to remodel the garden and remove the statue Owen knows that he must take dramatic action. And fast. The first two stories are genuinely chilling and dark, fortunately the final story takes us back into the sunshine, and a happy ending, if a distinctly uncanny one. Anne Fine is one of our most brilliant authors for children and these stories, simple and super-readable as their sticker says, will stay with readers for far longer than the time it takes to read them.

Here on Lovereading4kids we are constantly selecting new titles and refreshing our special dyslexia friendly category. Click here to view our current selection which is broken down by age range. A brilliantly fun whimsical comedy featuring Tom, Ellie and their cat who are whisked off to stay with the dreaded aunt, aka The Sticky Witch.

To view other titles we think are suitable for reluctant readers please click here. A Dyslexia Friendly title. Funny, surprising, original, it unfolds as smoothly as treacle dripping off a spoon, but much much faster. Written to be super-readable, it is action and fact-filled both, a skilful piece of storytelling that will catch the imagination of all young football fans and give them lots to talk about. Each title has a host of unique accessibility features to offer cracking reads to more children including reluctant and struggling readers and those with dyslexia or visual stress.

Here at Lovereading4kids we are constantly selecting the best of their new and backlist titles to recommend to you. Chapter one and Robbie and Gareth are local celebrities being interviewed by local TV. But why? A story of ghostly goings on in the local woods, bravery plus a bit of playground humiliation is revealed leading up to a surprise twist in the tale as we learn just what was making those creepy night-time howling noises and why the boys are in the spotlight.

July Book of the Month Characteristically, Gill Lewis skilfully conjures a vivid sense of landscape and wildlife in a story starring a character driven by her love of wild things and determination to achieve justice for them. Bobbie lives on a sheep farm in the Scottish Highlands with her parents and strong-willed, somewhat eccentric grandma. Can they prove it, and protect the eagle? She also has a commitment to make sure that children of all kinds can find themselves in a story.

The touching story tells of how Christmas is made happy for Jake by his friendship with a lost dog. For Jake, Christmas is not a time of fun but a time of huge anxiety as he copes with bright lights, loud noises and the unexpected behaviour of others and the changes in routines. But, when he finds a lost dog on the street, the two forge a very special bond. In the little dog Susan, Jake finds a companion who enables him to stay calm and to cope with the things he finds difficult. A beautiful story which is especially suitable for children finding reading stamina. Scott knows that playing Virtual Kombat will put his life in danger, but the only way to destroy the game is from the inside, and he really wants to avenge the death of his friend.

Chris Bradford is an expert at keeping the tension high and this is page-turning, super-readable adventure. A story that takes real pleasure in words and language, this is a lively and entertaining read. Dilly has a wart. Follow Dilly as he struggles with teasing from other kids and faces life with a wart called George on his knee.

Dilly's life was great until he found the wart growing on his knee. When lying doesn't work out and George the wart is revealed to the world, poor Dilly becomes one easy target. Can a little bit of magic help Dilly get his life back on track? Beautifully crafted story from a multi award- winning and bestselling author. That luck, together with something he finds on the seabed, changes his life. In this new instalment of witty, sharply observed domestic drama, Mr Peachey has developed a passion — indeed, an obsession — with baking.

He is convinced he will win the local bake-off with his entry, a recreation of the Palace of Versailles in gingerbread. His family are only too aware that his skill as a baker falls far short of his ambition. Fortunately, McTavish is prepared to do whatever it takes to save Mr Peachey from disaster and humiliation. It stars a group of young footballers, two of whom — the most talented — are refugees, only recently invited to play with West Team Celtic. Our main character, Sam, is happy to accept them into the squad but a boy called Jordan resents anyone who is better than him, and does his best to keep them out of the team.

The drama of the matches is broken up and balanced via short chapters explaining who refugees are, where they come from, and why — something that makes the book much more than just a sports adventure. Yee haw! But can she keep it secret from her Dad? This is a wonderfully touching and beautifully crafted story about growing up and learning about real life from one of our best-loved authors.

In classic Gothic tradition, the narrative is passed from one storyteller to another: three children, neighbours on Weir aka Weird Street share local ghost stories. Anne Fine is a superb writer and knows just how to turn the psychological screw. Highly readable, the stories will deliver their chills on each re-reading too. Lovereading Comment to follow.

Noah Scape geddit? He decides there should be more people like him, and suddenly, bizarrely, each day the number of Noahs doubles, from one to two, to four, to eight and so on. Jud is football mad but never seems to get a chance on the pitch. But when Seaburn football team meet their rivals, Jud finally has the chance to step in as goalie. It's a make-or-break moment - can Jud rise to the challenge? A terrific football story from a master storyteller, set in the post-war period.

Mia feels trapped in the wrong story. She wants to leave the foster home and get back to her own home and her mum. Cherry Green helps all the children by introducing them to the stories in which they can play big parts and, in doing so, find out some important truths about themselves. I'm just telling you what happened and how I got to where I am now, hopefully in a way you can understand. I'm not asking for sympathy, just understanding. Since I'm getting so many emails asking me what is up, well, I thought I'd better 'fess up. And I hope that if this post gives you any insight, it's that we all need to find the things that make us happy and make time for them.

I'm back on track and production of more content is under way. May you find joy in the things you love. Read on! The paperback is up! More details on the ebook in the post below. You've waited a long time for this and it's finally here. Book 5 in the Confluence series. We're powering ever closer to the big finale when Jane and Darcy come together to fight their ultimate foes.

But there is still an important story to tell before we get to that point. And this is it.

This book was a labor of love for me--I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed crafting it. Darcy and her ragtag multispecies crew have used those years well, searching for her lost love, Adam, throughout the disreputable fringes of galactic society—though the odds are stacked against them. Meanwhile, Darcy continues to master her newfound powers in secret. A cryptic message raises a ghost from the past to haunt her, forcing her to a crossroads that could lead to a reunion with Adam, or keep him forever beyond her reach. As always, I'll remind you that I'm an independent publisher.

That means a variety of things. For one, I don't have a big marketing machine behind me to ensure my success. I do what I can, but in reality I depend on you to spread the word about the books you love. Research shows that people take word of mouth book recommendations far more seriously than any other form, so tell your friends, families and coworkers about all the books you love, including this one, if that ends up being true. It also means that I just completed the work on the several layers of professional editing on this book.

It became a final product when I hit the publish button late last night. That means the audio book has yet to be begun. It will begin production as soon as I get all the particulars lined up with the professional narrator. I'm hoping to get the same narrator for this one who performed Inheritance previously titled The Druid Gene.

The work on formatting the paperback of this book is still underway. You should see that appear on various sales sites and available to small bookstores within a week or so. That's it for now. More updates will follow as they are relevant. Data processing Scroll to the bottom to find out what I've been reading myself lately as you wait for the next book to drop. I'm currently working through the notes that my developmental editor has given me. These are story-level changes that strengthen the story.

Jeff contact info on the page: Author Resources reads and analyzes my story and looks for areas that are my blind spots. He makes brilliant suggestions about what I can do better. It's wonderful to have a skilled mind on that task because I work on these books mostly in a vacuum. I bounce ideas off my partner, but that's not always enough to get them right. A professional resource is needed to keep my work in the un-put-downable zone! I have a deadline at the end of this month to complete the developmental edits. That's when the book is due to go to the copy editor.

He will have the manuscript for about 10 days or so and then it comes back to me with errors highlighted in MS Word track changes. I will then work through those changes, format the book, and put it up for sale. Nieve to my left and Link on my lap. In other news, my free time is being spent training our newest family member, Nieve, an 8 month old Great Pyrenees we just rescued. She's a doll. She's also a puppy. When he's got her sufficiently worn out, he leaves her with me while I work, so he can do something else for a while.

Lots of walks and ball playing going on to keep her tired! A tired dog is a good dog! I currently draw like an 8-year-old. I'm okay with that and am hoping to keep improving steadily though I don't get as much time to draw as I'd like. I've been wanting to get back into knitting more it used to be my primary hobby and I just ordered some yarn to make a small decorative everyday silk scarf. I don't really watch much tv or movies any more. Just an occasional anime. I like leveling in Rift so much, WoW is really going to have to be amazing to lure me back.

Leveling is my favorite part of game play. Endgame level content just doesn't hold my interest due to its repetitive nature. I like a challenge and I love reaching goals. As a consequence I have 4 characters at max level in WoW--I've been playing about 2 years now. My first main was a Draenei monk, then I leveled a Gnome hunter, a demon hunter, and finally a Worgen druid. I also have many lower level characters, my fave currently being a Lightforged Draenei priest. It's been fun experimenting with the different class types and play strategies.

I always play a DPS role. In Rift my favorite character is a Bahmi rogue Saboteur named Keilauf. I love blowing shit up. I'm addicted to playing instant adventures with this character and consistently finding myself at the top of the DPS charts! She is nearing level 50 after several weeks of nightly game play. I've found I prefer the Bahmi body type. I also have a couple Kelari characters but I don't enjoy playing them as much. They don't look anything like me. Tufts of white fur everywhere.

But we're all healthy and happy here. My work is a pleasure and I'm so happy to be able to do something I love to support my family! What I'm reading now Generally I read for an hour or two before I sleep every night. Here is a list of my favorite books that I've been reading lately. Adored every minute of this book! Whenever biology and psychology come into play, I'm there. I can't find words to describe it that will do it justice, but it won both the Hugo and the Nebula and rightly so--read it!

I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this series! Hutchison This is an absolutely absurd romp! I tore through the entire series in no time flat. Something like Douglas Adams meets Guardians of the Galaxy with a screw-up but lovable protagonist. Flotsam by R. Steampunk and airships with aliens AND high adventure! Such a fun fresh read by a talented new author! Wry humor abounds in this novel which contains a lot of brilliant techy stuff and fresh new ideas for the space opera genre.

I know I am enjoying every minute I spend with it! Just a casual sort of update. Hope you found something herein to interest you. Let me know in the comments. I can try to do more of this if you find it worth my time. As ever, please leave reviews for the books you read, good or bad--reviews legitimize an author and help them get a foothold in a competitive market. You can make a difference in an author's livelihood by just taking a moment to type up a few words about what you liked or didn't like about a story. And keep reading! There's so much good stuff out there.

There's no reason to be bored in this day and age! Tell your friends, relatives, and neighbors about the books you love--get them hooked too! A lot of the stuff we do as modern people will pass the time, but nothing will expand your mind like a good book! We both know that you enjoy my books, but hey, it takes me months or more to write, edit, and bring one to market I bet you're looking for some other authors to fill in those gaps.

So, I've got something special for you today. Well, today SFWA has teamed up with StoryBundle to bring together 18 different Authors in a massive twenty-book bundle to warp the space-time of readers everywhere. StoryBundle is a way for people to discover quality books written by indie authors. They take a bunch of great books and group them together to offer as a bundle. Then you, the reader, take a look at the titles they've chosen and decide how much you'd like to pay. They mean it; you set the price that you pay!

My Favourite Books : Natasha is a Book Junkie | Romance Book Reviews | Book Blog

Link to this StoryBundle. Is it pirates, or is humanity no longer alone in the galaxy? She was expecting a holiday on Ganymede, but instead she's roped into a vermin hunt that plunges the new Space Corps graduates into a dangerous world below the ice. His second: stealing it anyway. The Dark Betwee n by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime: A dark mystery lurking on a derelict spaceship leads to a desperate fight for survival. Your two options — die or Qualify I am Gwen Lark. Nerd, klutz, loser, awkward smart girl Somehow, I will save you all.

Compete is the second book in the series. Schneider: Step onto the deck of the skyship, the Pirate Queen and join first mate Esmeralda, Prince Sasha, and the genie Sting on a spectacular voyage across the Endless Desert. Two blog posts in one week?! What is actually happening to me?! It's finally here! I just got the word that the Valence audio book is live on Amazon , iTunes , and Audible! That means that the audio production team doesn't get the book until then.

So the audio of my books tends to lag behind by a few months. Since most of my readership is ebook, that makes sense. But the wait is finally over! It's definitely worth the wait. Happy listening and read on! Call for questions: Do you have a question about writing or publishing? Ask them in the comments or shoot me an email through my contact form.