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Such a brush-off might have been enough to hurt anyone, especially this stuck-up old popinjay. The more ancient title and dignity he enjoyed was that of King of Prussia, and that he would never surrender. Yet again, events overtook him. The news was on the streets of Berlin by lunchtime. But there were bigger fish to fry. In Berlin, Karl Liebknecht was about to proclaim a republic. One of the SDP deputies, Philipp Scheidemann, foreshadowing the bitter enmity between Communists and Social Democrats, decided to pre-empt him and announced it himself to the large red-flag-waving crowd outside the Reichstag.

The prospect of a Bolshevik revolution helped to concentrate the minds of Wilhelm and his family. The year-long reign of the Hohenzollerns was over. In reality, it was no more than a footnote to the dramas now unfolding. After an agonising delay, the German delegates received authorisation to accept the armistice terms. A few concessions were wheedled out of the Allies, but the only significant one was an agreement to supply Germany with food during the armistice period.

A few minutes after 5 a. Inside the carriage, the atmosphere was glacial.

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In the effort to ensure the 11 a. The meeting ended without a handshake at 5. After signing the document, Erzberger read a declaration:. The German nation, which for fifty months has defied a world of enemies, will preserve, in spite of every kind of violence, its liberty and unity. A nation of seventy million suffers but does not die. There were still six hours to go.

Until then, the fighting continued. Four and a half years had made that the default position, and there were no orders to suggest otherwise.

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We were still fighting hard and losing men. That was the first we knew of it. I feel awfully sorry for those of our chaps who are killed this morning, mines are still going up…. We were lined up on a railway bank nearby, the same railway bank that the Manchesters had lined up on in They had fought at the battle of Mons in August that year. Some of us went down to a wood in a little valley and found the skeletons of some of the Manchesters still lying there.

Lying there with their boots on, very still, no helmets, no rusty rifles or equipment, just their boots. I had been out since I should have been happy. I was sad. I thought of the slaughter, the hardships, the waste and the friends I had lost. There was a heavy bombardment all along the line this morning, but the sound of guns gradually died down and although there was some gunfire audible after the hour of 11 a. Our numbers are terribly low.

I have a keen sense of loneliness come over me, for in my four years out here almost, I have missed hundreds of the very best chaps that have ever breathed. The hatred of the Boche is much more pronounced, since the armistice was called. They are taken prisoner, for we shall need them to locate the mines that are still about in their thousands…. As the minutes after 11 a. In the afternoon, Lloyd George spoke emotionally in the House of Commons:.

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I hope we may say that thus, this fateful morning, came to an end all wars. This is no time for words. Our hearts are too full of gratitude to which no tongue can give adequate expression. Haig greeted the news with the same absence of histrionics, the characteristic phlegm, which has made him so irritatingly unreadable to those chroniclers who confuse the absence of outward emotion with a dearth of inner feeling. Having informed his army commanders of the procedure for the advance to the German frontier, he then.

Staff Officers must attend to this. Most of the other fronts imploded with more of a whimper than a bang. The fragmentation of the Habsburg Empire and the descent into revolution in Germany were both optimistic portents for Lenin and the other Bolshevik ideologues, who saw events unfolding in conformity with the precepts of Marxist determinism.

The expulsion of the Ottomans from the Middle East was, of course, part of Allied strategy. The ethnic and religious conflicts which lay ahead in consequence of this were beyond the reckoning of those Allied soldiers who had fought through the dusty plains and mountains. We lived many lives in those whirling campaigns, never sparing ourselves: yet when we achieved and the new world dawned, the old men came out again and took our victory to re-make in the likeness of the world they knew.

The book is monstrously vain and virtually unreadable. The war at sea was fought vigorously to the last. Luckily, the vessel stayed afloat for over two hours before sinking, enabling most of the crew to abandon ship, but 50 crew members were killed, either in the explosion or by toxic fumes.

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  • In the same period, the BEF sustained around , casualties. Foch paid tribute to British steadfastness and, in particular, to Haig :.

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    Never at any time in history has the British Army achieved greater results in attack than in this unbroken offensive… The victory gained was indeed complete… thanks above all to the unselfishness, to the wise, loyal and energetic policy of their Commander-in-Chief. These were not ritual thanks. Haig was equally determined to lavish praise on his soldiers. In a despatch written six weeks after the armistice, he referred to:.

    Yet throughout all those years, and amid the hopes and disappointments they brought with them, the confidence of our troops in final victory never waivred. And its not something he does in any other song I can think of.

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    But I should have, because both songs are telling someone that they have got it wrong — the only difference is that in Bob was telling the person to whom he was speaking that. But now I have further problems, because not only is Dylan re-using an old idea of his, and an old song of his, he is also incorporating his old religion into his new religion.

    As in Isaiah Your shadow is a shadow of light, but you will bring down the ghosts into the underworld. Now of course I am not so dumb as not to know that the Old Testament is part of the Christian religion, it is just that I expected that having changed from Jew to Christian, Dylan might at this point be writing about the Second Coming from a truly New Testament point of view. In effect I am saying I think Dylan was trying to write about his new faith too early, just by taking lines from the Bible and turning them into songs. At least not for me.

    Times they are a changing, You shall be changed, If you put these together it suggest that, Time will change you. The only thing constant is change. Not only is he constantly changing over time, we all our. In physic there the uncertainty principal, which states that its impossible to know both the location and speed of a atom, so much so with us, we are either speeding ahead with no location, or stopped with no direction.

    Most likely we are somewhere between both, speeding ahead searching for a location, we can call home. May we all stay forever young as we all seek a home in a world of changing times. He must of thought it was not quite up for inclusion on those released during that period… I for one love the song and get it.. I personally believe that he is, and will always be a Christian, as well as a dedicated Jew who happens to believe in his found Messiah my opinion.

    This guy really through himself into the Word of God..

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    Unconscious sleep. The apostle Paul said in I Cor. He even uses the word "perished. Then WE won't die. We will simply be changed and "raptured" or caught up to meet Christ at His coming! But if Christ does NOT come in our lifetime, we will fall asleep. But I feel there is need for an expansion! Paul was speaking about the heavenly or the better, or the earlier, or the first resurrection. See Phillipian This applies to the " saints of God". These are those referred to in Revelation : "Blessed and holy is he who has part in the first resurrection.