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There was nowhere a factory that could make a scalpel , to say nothing of more ingeniously contrived surgical implements. Each stroke of the pen, or rather each turn of the scalpel , amazes us by its keen penetration.

The duct is now severed with the scalpel at a point a little way from the papilla as shown at G in Fig. The protruding mass may then be cleanly excised by means of a scalpel. Nearby words scallywag , scalogram , scaloppine , scalp , scalp lock , scalpel , scalping , scalpriform , scalprum , scaly , scaly anteater.

The surgical knife, one of the earliest surgical instruments, has evolved over 10 millennia. As surgery developed into a profession, knives dedicated to specific uses also evolved. Barber-surgeons embellished their scalpels as part of the art of their craft.

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Later, surgeons prized speed and sharpness. The quintessential instrument of surgeons, the scalpel is the longstanding symbol of the discipline.


Tracing the history of this tool reflects the evolution of surgery as a culture and as a profession. Pinpointing a specific period of time when a cutting implement became the first surgical knife depends largely on perspective.


Shells, razor-like leaves, bamboo shoots, and even fingernails may all be viewed as early surgical instruments. Kirkup, circumcision with sharpened stones, one of the earliest recorded elective procedures, evolved into knives used for basic procedures. Blades were initially composed of flint, jade, and obsidian, with specific pieces chosen for their sharp edges.

Fracture and flake techniques were then employed to refine these early blades into cutting instruments with desired characteristics, making these objects among the first human-refined tools.

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A particularly well-preserved prehistoric blade mounted onto a handle was found in , preserved in ice near the Austrian-Italian border see Figure 1. These types of tools were used for scarification, venesection, lancing, and circumcision. In fact, these instruments were still used for many of the same purposes by Alaska Native tribes well into the 19th century. Some archeological specimens are still sharp enough to incise skin.

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Metal blades replaced sharpened stone: first it was copper BC , followed by bronze and then iron BC. Overview Resources Warranty Description The 5 Round Scalpel Handle provides greater rotational movement with fingertip control and enhances dexterity.

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  • Handle measures 6" long. Compatible with standard scalpel blade sizes. Warranty Information Product Quality Guarantee, Limited Lifetime Warranty Except for products with their own warranties, Hu-Friedy instruments have a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, and Hu-Friedy will, at its option, repair or replace any product that fails as a result of any such defect.

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