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This has made saying NO to shiny things easier I do love shiny things and has freed up time, energy, resources, and brain and heart space -- ultimately helping us create more grounded impact. Although we have been in business 22 years, we never had a clear and consistent process for planning and implementation.

ISBN 13: 9780765116673

Marisa has been invaluable in leading us to create and execute short and long terms goals, as well as the right structure and expressed values to create the culture that we want. The icing on the cake is that our leadership team has grown to the next level as a team and individually. What Marisa's Clients Are Saying. Jennifer Ferris President, Federated Service Solutions "The team at Federated Service had a vision for where we wanted to go as a company, but we were struggling to gain traction to get there.

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Accountability throughout the organization was difficult, and we just felt stuck. Having regular Level 10 Meetings has made us much more efficient, and the Scorecard has helped our people engage with the numbers that matter most. Marisa's support has been vital to gaining the mastery and accountability we need to implement EOS - she's always quick to respond and keeps us moving in the right direction. Her organization and ability to keep on track is one of her biggest strengths.

We leave each session with not only a plan but a set of tools to execute the plan. Prepare to add Latino bluegrass to your list of likes!

Claim Your Destiny: How a Wheelchair Dance Advocate Has Found her Own

The musical world is full stories of musical progeny who either embrace or struggle to get out from under their famous parents. Every summer, Alt.

Latino hits the road to attend the three largest Latin music festivals and it gets harder and harder to catch it all. The Dominican-born singer-songwriter is decidedly non-conventional, humble yet dynamic — and the higher his star rises, the tighter he grips onto his artistic freedom, aiming to evolve his musicality while staying grounded.

People know who I am.

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However, you can still listen with the Apple playlist at the bottom of the page. Flor de Toloache stuns at the crossroads of fusion and mariachi girl magic. Whether intimately airy or ice-crackingly powerful, their intricate vocal runs and harmonic alchemy seem to defy logic with equally clever instrumental arrangements by the singers themselves.

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At this point, Lila Downs now has the kind of artistic stature among her fans that she has for the women she has celebrated throughout her career. We tracked down a bunch of Latin musicians, put a microphone in front of them wherever we find them and then ask them about their music. To do this, I needed help so I called in Alt. I struggled to balance the conflicting emotions of enjoying the musical celebration that is the annual SXSW Festival with the pain of the devastating loss of life in Friday's terrorist attack in New Zealand.