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Hard Times, by Charles Dickens

When loved ones pass from this side of the veil to the other, they continue to be just as important to us as when they were with us. I have stood at the bedsides of many people as they passed from this life, and I have had countless experiences that have strengthened my knowledge that our loved ones are in many ways as present with us after death as they are during life.

Our loved ones who have passed on are not far from us. Death is part of our existence here on the earth. Nevertheless, through the Atonement and Resurrection of His Son, Heavenly Father has provided a way for us not only to overcome death but also to be comforted and healed. Through Christ, broken hearts are mended and peace replaces anxiety and sorrow. Wirthlin — of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said:. We all will experience those broken times when it seems we can never be put together again. We will all have our Fridays. In the darkness of our sorrow, Sunday will come.

In this life or the next, Sunday will come. Some nights are much longer than others, but the morning always follows. Death brings deep sorrow, but our joy will exceed our ability to comprehend when our reunion with deceased loved ones finally comes. Yet peace is not reserved for the next life only; we can feel peace now, even in the very moment we are feeling pain.

Grief Is Painful, but Do Not Avoid It

How thankful we can be for the sacrifice of our Savior and the healing power His Atonement can bring us in spite of our grief. Text Settings. The Jews were in exile, and powerful people wanted to kill them.

Yet at the darkest moment, a godless king granted the right to the enslaved Israelites to defend themselves against those who sought their demise Est. A successful defense and a celebration ensued — It should be no surprise when God shows up in the words of a hymn at a funeral.

After all, He turned an attempted genocide into a celebration and a crucifixion into resurrection and salvation!

What Does "the Joy of the Lord Is My Strength" Mean in the Bible?

During her long labor, they decided to whisk her away for a cesarean section. But despite the ordeal, Kelly quickly forgot her pain when she held her newborn son. Joy had replaced anguish.

Jesus used this illustration with His disciples to emphasize that though they would grieve because He would be leaving soon, that grief would turn to joy when they saw Him again vv. Jesus was referring to His death and resurrection—and what followed. Yet Jesus did not leave them grief-stricken.

3 Things to Remember When Hard Times Hit

The Holy Spirit would fill them with joy John —15; Acts Though we have never seen Jesus face-to-face, as believers we have the assurance that one day we will. In that day, the anguish we face in this earth will be forgotten. In , a magnitude 9 earthquake and a resulting tsunami took nearly 19, lives and destroyed , homes in the region northeast of Tokyo. Nozomi women sift through the rubble of homes and furnishings to discover broken china shards that they sand and insert in fittings to form jewelry.

The jewelry is sold around the world, providing a livelihood for the women while sharing symbols of their faith in Christ. In New Testament times, it was customary to hide valuables in the unlikely vessels of simple clay pots. Paul describes how the treasure of the gospel is contained in the human frailty of followers of Christ: jars of clay in 2 Corinthians When God inhabits the imperfect and broken pieces in our lives, the healing hope of His power is often more visible to others.

Yes, His repair work in our hearts often leaves the cracks of scars. But perhaps those lines from our learning are the etchings in our beings that make His character more visible to others. An elderly woman named Violet sat on her bed in a Jamaican infirmary and smiled as some teenagers stopped to visit with her. Instead, she began wracking her mind for a song to sing. Tears came to those around her, for Violet had no legs. Each of us faces tough times that may cause us to long for the promise of heavenly relief.

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Over the last few years, two members of my family have faced life-threatening diagnoses. For me, the hardest part of supporting them through their treatments has been the constant uncertainty. I am always desperate for a definitive word from a doctor, but things are rarely that straightforward.

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  8. Instead of being given clarity, we are often asked to wait. Will we have weeks, months, years, or decades before death separates us? But regardless of disease and diagnoses, each of us will die one day—things like cancer just bring our mortality to the forefront instead of letting it hide in the recesses of our minds.

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