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Ranchero Taco. Fish Taco.

The 45 Liter Backpack Burrito

Cecina Taco. Chicharron Taco. Steak Taco. Pork Taco.

Beef Taco. Chicken Taco. Steak American Burri. Served with rice, beans, lettuce, tomato, onions, cheese, and sour cream.

Burrito Hill Mountain Bike Trail, Willow Springs, Illinois

Steak Wet Burrito. Steak Rancherro Burr. Shrimp Burrito. Chorizo and Egg Burr. American Burrito. Wet Burrito.

The Epic Backpacking Burrito!

Tongue Burrito. Mixed Burrito. Chicharron Burrito. Ranchero Burrito. Steak Burrito.

  • The Keys To His Kingdom ~An Aussie Island Affair~.
  • Trailside Pinto Bean and Cheese Burrito.
  • Poquito Burrito Details!

Al Pastor Burrito. Pork Burrito. Chicken Burrito. Beef Burrito. Ceviche Tostada. Tilapia Tostada. Shrimp Tostada.

Pulpo Tostada. Steak Torta. Milaneza Torta.


Pork Torta. Al Pastor Torta. Ham Torta. Chorizo Torta. Add potatoes with the grease still in the pan fry the potatoes to the level you desire, 3.

The 45 Liter Backpack Burrito

Scramble the eggs in with the potatoes. Add sausage back in and Black Beans if desired, layout the you portion desire on the tortilla 5. Then add the cilantro, cheese and salsa. Roll up burrito and wrap in heavy duty foil- refrigerate the night before and take with you in your backpack for a breakfast, fine trail or summit lunch.

Superior Hiking Trail: Burrito Union to Enger Park

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