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It's difficult to go through all the typos, repeated or missed words and grammar errors to get to the story. View 2 comments. Dec 27, Katie Halberg rated it really liked it. Great story, but the editing was so bad I nearly quit reading. On every page there were typos, duplicate words, or other deplorable errors. Well written But really dragged at times and the story may have suffered for all the reflection the hero and heroine went through.

Well, it seems I read the third and final story in a series, before I realized there was a series. I read this as an e-book. The story really appealed to me. At one point in time he, his brother, his best friend and two others were captured by the opposing forces and were prisoners. His brother and another managed Well, it seems I read the third and final story in a series, before I realized there was a series. His brother and another managed to escape. Two others were tortured and killed. He and his best friend were recaptured and tortured as well. For five years they all believe they are dead.


Eventually Vin is found and is trying to regain his strength and then returned to the bosom of his family to recuperate as best he can. They grew up together and had corresponded while he was in the service and maintained a very close friendship. Moira has always loved Vin pronounced Van , but he has always looked on her as a sister. Moira, at 27 years-old, was finally trying to put her love for Vin behind her and move on with her life. Lord Harry Aylesbury has been courting Moira for a few months leading up to the announcement that Vin has been found alive.

Her friends convince her to give Vin one last chance and they all decide to help in any way they can. He is so blinded by trying to keep her as his closest and dearest friend that he does not really examine his feelingsā€¦. And so the story goes. This story was poignant, witty, humorous, and deals with PTSD in a time before they had a name for it. Very well done and I enjoyed it immensely. I bought this book excitedly, seeing that it was a historical novel with a bit of a twist, in that the hero has PTSD, and has been a prisoner of war for five years. He would have married her, because the alternative was social suicide and life-long spinsterhood or a very disadvantageous marriage.

That was irritating, but I know that my annoyance here is probably a personal quirk. Jun 25, Lily rated it really liked it. I didn't read the first two books in this series, and even though I'm sure I missed some of the other family members love stories, it didn't seem to take away from this story.

A Question of Lust (Questions for a Highlander, #3)

I really love a good tortured hero love story, so when I read the plot line here I had to read this book. Besides that, I have read a couple of other Angeline Fortin novels and enjoyed them immensely.

So I was all set to love this book First of all, there were some editing issues, misspelled and omitted words here and there. Then I just felt as though the hero didn't connect the dots for way too long. It dragged on a bit at that point. I felt an emotional connection to the characters By the end, I just wanted to see it finished. However, I do still recommend this novel. It had enough good things going for it that kept me entertained and involved. My heart went out to Vin and what he suffered as a prisoner of war and I also felt Moira's pain of unrequited love.

The erotic scenes were scorching hot, a good thing in my opinion. Some editing could take this from a good story to a great one. I always know when I am reading a good book because I will stay up into the small hours to finish it! On a school night no less!

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As addictive as the previous two in the series, and although you always know it's going to be a happy ending, it's still easy to get enthral led in the ups and downs of the characters. Loved it! Five stars!

I loved this story! It was wonderful how moria could get Vincent to let go of his guilt and be able to find love. I love the friendships between the family and friends. Looking forward to the next book. Loved this series!!! What a great book series!!! The third one was my favorite. Enjoy the series but this was the slowest most difficult to read. A nice light historical romance romp.

The series of 3 novels helps to round out the characters. Feb 09, Marlene S. Love The loves in this story took long time with not telling each other what they truly felt.

This is a great family. Another slightly too obtuse hero. A Laird for All Time. Book 1 of the Laird for All Time series Click to learn more or purchase this book. Click to learn more or purchase this audiobook. Taken Audiobook. Click here to learn more or purchase this audiobook. A Laird for All Time Audiobook. Click to learn more. A Question of Love.

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